by Below



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released June 25, 2013



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Below Manchester, UK

Available for free download from Atonement Records

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Track Name: Below
Swallowed whole by this chasm of misery
Cast asunder by the hatred inside of me
As my world falls apart, piece by piece
I hope in death that I will find my release
Track Name: Ill Decisions
Ill decisions, I will try and fix with time
Lost ambition, buried so deep I'll never find
I’m standing at the crossroads of my mind
Do I turn left? Or do I turn right?
Overthrow the pain, break these chains
Cleanse the hatred that makes me feel insane
Will both directions lead me to another maze?
I sit and wonder, waste away my final days
Learning nothing, the dirt will be my resting place
My greatest fear I got to meet it face to face
Overthrow the pain, break these chains
Cleanse the hatred that makes me feel insane
Overthrow the pain, break these chains
Defend the haven, where my soul remains
Track Name: Altar of Mendacity
Preaching fiction to innocent minds
Lips dance to the tune of fraudulence
Backbiting words, settle deep inside
The minds of the unaware
None the wiser, to the aspersions
Tell me father, how is that fair?
Have the decency to let them grow up
Before you extract the will to have their own thought
Plant the seed inside as quick as you could
Forced to eat the body, and drink the blood
Walk the path of the righteous
Spread your disease
Where will you go?
When you live on your knees
As the deception of faith begins to fade
Question yourself for the price you’ve paid
Every time that I prayed and the answers never came
Took a look at the world, realised its gone insane
Kill yourself for your deity
Fade into the dust
Crucify your fucking life
Let the blood kiss the rust
Where will you stand?
Where will you go?
When the lights go out
Track Name: Ignavus Incarnate
Put your head down, eyes to the floor
Walk right by something that you know is wrong
Should've done something, instead you did nothing
This is the age of cowards
Safety and profit
See a girl get beat, won’t raise a hand
Old man gets robbed, won’t take a stand
Run Along, lock your door, turn off the lights
I hope your spineless ways; don’t let you sleep at night
People die on the street, whilst the world spectates
No helping hand, no vigilance, no fucking saving grace
Watch the whole damn thing, but never intervene
How can you watch it happen, to another human being?
One day you will be on the receiving end
As your eyes scan the masses, searching for a friend
They all turn their backs, walking out of view
Now you know those fucking bastards are the same as you